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I thought they were defunct.

Jeff Fisher becomes interim commissioner of Arena Football League

Mike Florio
Published May 15, 2024

Former Titans and Rams coach Jeff Fisher has a new football gig. He’s the interim commissioner of the Arena Football League.

Fisher also serves as the president of football operations with the AFL’s Nashville Kats. Per the Tennessean, he’ll continue in that role.

“I don’t have any experience in the league as a commissioner,” Fisher said, “but I do have experience as I was involved in the Alliance [of American Football], and I was involved the USFL and I moved a couple of NFL franchises [Houston to Tennessee and St. Louis to Los Angeles]. So I have that kind of experience. And I have relationships.”

Fisher replaces Lee Hutton, who has exited the role.

Four franchises have folded this season, including most recently the Minnesota Myth. The team is owned by Diana Hutton, Lee’s wife. Via the Minneapolis Star Tribune, she blamed the move on “negative social media and publicity surrounding our team, and the league’s direct sabotage of our team due to my connection with the commissioner.”

The Arena Football League debuted in 1987. It has struggled for most of the past 15 years, with a pair of bankruptcies and four years of inactivity before the attempt to bring it back this year.

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The UFL trying to goose ticket sales by trying to have St. Louis fans to come to the game just to boo at Tom Brady.

The game is Father's Day and I should be in my back yard grilling up a monster steak. But I might buy some cheap nosebleed tickets, save money by taking the train down and do my best to curse at/boo Brady.

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