Don't Forget to Make You Picks for our Survivor Game and RFU You Pick 'EM
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 by safer
8 months ago
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Hack--this is my boy for our 1st round pick. We need a true NT who will command double teams--and that will free up our two undersized, 3-4 MLBers. That is THE key for a 3-4 to become a dominant run D. Even if we had to move up about 5 picks to get him, I can't see a positional need on our team as great as this. He could be what Ngata was to those great Raven D's about 10 years ago.

 by Elmgrovegnome
7 months ago
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BobCarl wrote:What if Josh Jackson falls to #23 and Vita is there too?

Then Jackson it is. I think Vea is a bit hyped. Just look at those videos. First off..body count? That screams hype and not all of those plays were that amazing. On the first he never got close to the QB. On the second he went backwards. Two of the plays were very good. I only watched Washington once this year. I expected to see some domination by Vea but against Penn State he only really stood out on one play when he chased a guy down field and caught him. Otherwise he looked good, not great. And the Penn State offensive line played their best game in years that night.

Run clogging Nose Tackles can be found in all rounds. Just look what Tyrunn Walker did when he played.

The problem is the linebackers. Ogletree still has trouble getting off blocks and Barron is small and can get washed out. OLB is a problem too. A lot of teams successfully ran to the outside against the Rams. With a penetrator like Donald it puts pressure on OLBs to be better run stoppers. Overall neither Barwin nor Quinn were consistent. Once the team buckled down and took care of gap responsibility they could get the run under control, but damage was done by teams with good run games.

Jackson would be nice but may not reach the Rams. Jaire Alexander is good but has injury concerns. I love Darius Phillips but he is short. He is a Cooper Kupp type of player though. He doesn't have the great measurable but he produces. I hope they fill all of the off-season needs adequately in free agency, like most teams try to do and then take BPA at a position of future need. It takes the pressure off. Maybe they go Samuels at Center, or take an OLB. Maybe move back to round 2 and get extra picks.

There is no way I would move up for Vea. The lack of a second round pick would make it difficult anyway. If they moved up then they are even shorter on picks.

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