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 by RedAlice
2 years ago
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United States of America   San Diego

OH, wow. I just read this thread.

I'm awed and amazed with the great group of Rams fans we have here.

Thank you Elvis so much.

It seems to be a group of Rams fans who are simply fans and like each other with no bitterness. I have not seen that anywhere else. So happy I found here.

 by RamsFanSince89
2 years ago
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United States of America   Orcutt, Ca

Thanks to Mr. Moates for inviting me to this awesome site. It's all about LA love around here. I'm SO happy to see the Rams being talked about from a SoCal perspective again. Reminds me of my chilhood again.

Thanks to Elvis and Hacksaw for being the Admin and Moderator. It's quite the commitment. It's appreciated.

P.S. I'm a middle school guy, but I love the three style options...

 by chris98251
1 year ago
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United States of America   Seattle

Yes out of the Gate I am a Seahawks fan, but before them I loved watching the Rams, Deacon, Merlin Jack Snow, Lawrence McCutcheon , Cullen Bryant, Harold Jackson Oh and some QB named Roman Gabriel, the Youngbloods and on it goes.

I followed Red Alice here well we were Foster Caring her at Seahawks .Net and she was so happy to find this place I wanted to see it and make sure she was happy, she truly seems to be. Thanks for making her feel welcome and at home. Besides who would not want to follow her, the view is good 8-)

Love Ya Alice

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