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 by Elvis
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It's finally official:


Los Angeles Rams announce 2024 Training Camp presented by UNIFY Financial Credit Union to take place at Loyola Marymount University

May 21, 2024

The Los Angeles Rams will host their 2024 Training Camp presented by UNIFY Financial Credit Union, the official Credit Union of the Rams, on the campus of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Rams fans and the LMU Lions will have the opportunity to watch practices on LMU's Westchester campus on select days this summer as the team prepares for the upcoming season.

"We are thrilled to team with our partner LMU to bring Rams Training Camp presented by UNIFY Financial Credit Union to the heart of Los Angeles," said Los Angeles Rams President Kevin Demoff. "Our organization constantly looks to evolve our operations, and calling LMU home for these few weeks presents incredible opportunities for this new chapter of Rams Training Camp. We look forward to bringing Rams fans and the LMU community together with our players and coaches as they prepare to compete for another championship."

For nearly three weeks, LMU will become the Rams House. Rams coaches and players will stay in LMU's residence halls, train in the Lions' athletics facilities, and dine and hold meetings on campus.

Public practice days will offer live entertainment, photo opportunities with Rams Cheerleaders and mascot Rampage, family-friendly activities, giveaways and more. Specific dates, free tickets, and times of practices will be announced in the coming weeks. Fans can visit http://www.therams.com/trainingcamp for more information about the Rams Training Camp at LMU.

"I am grateful to the dedicated and spirited LMU and Los Angeles Rams colleagues who view our partnership as a gateway to boundless possibilities for collaboration," said LMU President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D. "Together, we do more than elevate our students. We are setting a precedent for igniting a brighter world by transforming challenges into opportunities and inspiring a next generation of leaders and innovators."

In September 2023, Loyola Marymount University and the Los Angeles Rams announced a partnership, making LMU the Official Higher Education Partner of the Rams.

The Rams and LMU have taken an innovative and intentional approach to their partnership, ensuring that it delivers educational opportunities for both organizations inside and outside the classroom through presentations, visits, immersion experiences at SoFi Stadium and Rams headquarters, networking activities, participation at university events, and frequent engagement from Rams executives and team members with LMU students, faculty, alumni, and staff.

LMU students are enrolled in internships with the Rams that support finance, partnership management and partnership strategy. With the Rams training camp moving to LMU, students will benefit from summer internship opportunities.

More detail about the training camp can be found at http://www.therams.com/trainingcamp.

 by ramsman34
3 weeks 6 days ago
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It’s baseball season. How does using their baseball fields make any sense???

 by Elvis
3 weeks 6 days ago
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LMU FAQ: https://www.lmu.edu/rams/trainingcamp/

A few things from the FAQ:

Why is LMU hosting Rams training camp?
As an organic progression of our partnership, we have been exploring various opportunities to host Rams events, including the possibility of their training camp. We are excited that this provides another opportunity for our students to benefit from access to the Rams organization, via dedicated internships and additional yet-to-be-determined academic opportunities.

The experience promises national media exposure for the university during a key fan engagement period for the Rams, advancing our strategic plan commitment to extend our reach beyond the bluff. We are also excited to welcome thousands of visitors and fans to our beautiful campus, attract and retain our prospective students, and to engage our donors, alumni, and friends.

As an NFL training camp host, we are joining a select group of colleges and universities nationally to experience the excitement and energy of hosting a professional sports team. We will play a role in crafting a first-rate guest experience for Rams players during their stay on the bluff, and offer fans a glimpse of their practice routines and an opportunity to enjoy activities on campus.

When is Rams training camp?
Rams Training Camp will kick off in late July, during the week of July 22. More details including date and times of open practices and information for fans will be announced and posted on therams.com/trainingcamp and lmu.edu/rams in the coming weeks.

What areas of campus will be impacted by training camp and when?
The first areas to be impacted are the athletics fields and associated facilities as they are transformed into practice fields and fan engagement areas. Closer to the start of camp, limited academic and administrative spaces will be converted into staff and player meeting spaces.

The university teams involved in planning and logistics will reach out directly to impacted campus areas, providing personalized support and guidance to minimize potential impacts.

As we prepare to host the Rams training camp, we ask for your understanding and cooperation. We acknowledge that hosting an event of this magnitude may present challenges, and we are committed to working collaboratively to address any concerns. We aim to minimize inconvenience and ensure that the benefits of this unique opportunity are fully realized by our community.

How will training camp impact LMU athletics teams who are preparing for their fall 2024 seasons?
The men’s and women’s soccer teams will be training offsite for the first two weeks of the season. We have also rescheduled their first home matches as away matches. Other fall sports will utilize their training facilities as usual during training camp. The Rams will use the Chad and Ginni Dreier weight room for specific hours each day, allowing LMU athletic teams to continue using the weight room for their training needs.

Is training camp open to the public?
Yes, there will be a yet-to-be announced number of days that will be open to the public. Further details will be shared in the coming weeks on therams.com/trainingcamp and on lmu.edu/rams.

Where will the players live while on campus?
Players will stay in LMU residence halls during training camp.

How will parking on campus be impacted?
During training camp the campus will experience impacts in several parking lots on campus. The extent will vary, depending on the number of individuals on campus at any given time. Information regarding parking on campus for students, faculty, and staff during training camp will be shared as soon as it is available.

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Pro Bowl

Waiting for dates. Hope to see ya there Steve

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Elvis wrote:We got lots of scrimmages:

Ah only one day each for two of them, makes a lot more sense now, more fights when you go two days. Plus he actually need your own practice time. So far the Rams v Dallas will be shown live on the NFL network.

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