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 by BobCarl
1 month 3 days ago
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Salary cap took a huge jump.... The QB piece of the pie is being reset... Goff, even though he deserves to get paid, is one of the early ones during this market reset

1 month 2 days ago
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/zn/ wrote:We knew at the trade that Stafford was a better qb than Goff, which doesn't make Goff a bad qb. In fact he's a top 10 qb. Neither one of the 2 plays particularly well behind bad OLs.

I had 2 distinct positions at the time of the trade.

1. Some very good articles in the past have shown that Goff & McV had a "bad marriage." One quoted a former Rams coach who said that McV knew how to tear JG down but not how to build him back up. In 2019 McV became the de facto qb coach and by 2020 Goff had confidence issues. Doing it completely differently, the Lions made a point of building JG's confidence while building the offense around his strengths. Which worked.

2. But having said that the minute the trade happened I defended it. If the coach and the qb have a bad marriage, one's gotta go...and it wasn't going to be McVay. Plus Stafford always was a great qb IMO, though he was marooned on a bad Detroit team. Him coming to LA worked for both Stafford and McVay. McVay was too impatient with a young Goff but would never be impatient that way with a veteran Stafford...in fact if anything McVay would listen to Stafford. And that's what happened. Stafford talks about their "collaboration." It works to the advantage of both.

Meanwhile the difference between Goff in 2020 and in 2023 is playing with confidence.

And yet there are many Ram fans who don't believe Goff is a very good QB. I witnessed a "discussion" elsewhere that was eventually locked. Most fans are set in their beliefs on Goff and no amount of discussion can change that. I think he's an excellent QB. I think Stafford is a HOF QB. And it seems many fans can't give the first kudos without qualifying it by saying Stafford is better. Almost like they consider it an affront to #9 (or McVay). I don't believe Goff, the QB, was a bad fit for McVay's offense. I think Goff's personality became a bad fit for McVay's personality (or vice versa).

Here are the QBs who've played in multiple CCG (since McVay arrived in L.A.)

Mahomes 6 (4-2)
Brady** 3 (3-0)
Goff** 2 (1-1)
Garappolo 2 (1-1)
Burrow 2 (1-1)
Purdy 2 (1-1)
Rodgers 2 (0-2)

**with multiple teams
Certain HOF QB

Here are the SB QBs over the same time.

Mahomes 4 (3-1)
Brady 3 (2-1)
Stafford 1 (1-0)
Foles 1 (1-0)
Goff 1 (0-1)
Garappolo 1 (0-1)
Burrow 1 (0-1)
Hurts 1 (0-1)
Purdy 1 (0-1)

Certain HOF QB

 by /zn/
1 month 2 days ago
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PARAM wrote:I think he's an excellent QB. I think Stafford is a HOF QB.

Just regarding that one part of a complex issue...I like the way you put that.

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