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 by rams1974
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Something I've been meaning to kick off here. In the early 2000s I went super-geek-out, just absorbed as much about the Rams as I could and put together not just highlight videos but videos around pre-game, post-game, during-game, etc.

Then I'd fire up the video capture device connected to the VCR with a questionably obtained copy of Adobe Premiere and create the videos. Thought they'd be something cool to look back on someday.

If folks like this, I have like, several dozen of these that are worth watching between 1999-2006ish .. it kind of stopped being fun after that :D . Maybe post them on a semi-regular basis during the offseason.

Generally the clips are ordered chronologically. That is why this video starts with the Martz press conference immediately after the game. NFL Prime Time highlights come later. Some videos have the clips of ESPN's pregame show discussing the upcoming game .. you get the idea.


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