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Just theorizing here. The first 37 Superbowls had a lot of boring games if your team wasn't one of the participants. 20 of them saw a team ahead by 14 points or more after 3 quarters. Nobody came back to win. There were also 3 other games where the lead was 13 points and none of those teams came back. That's 23 of 37 basically out of reach after 3 quarters. And only 5 times was the deficit less than a TD. Three of those games saw a comeback.

In the last 21 Superbowls, there have been three 14 point deficits heading to the 4th quarter. One of those teams came back (N.England over Atlanta). There was one other game with a 13 point deficit. Also, there were 2 games tied after 3. New England and Philly in 2004 and the Rams and Patriots in 2018. Finally, of those 21 games, 14 of them saw a deficit of less than a TD going into the 4th. Five of those games saw a comeback. Now that's exciting.

It would appear the cap and free agency not only has made it possibly for teams to make huge turnarounds relatively quickly but Superbowls have become more exciting. And when that's the biggest single day event in sports nationally, that's a good thing.

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