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I've probably been Raheem's biggest critic at times but I'd like to state for the record, this is one helluva job he's done with a lot less. In years past his star studded D struggled at times just as the Chargers have this year with the highest paid D in the NFL but what Raheem has done with AD and "a bunch of guys you don't know" has been nothing short of amazing. When you consider the number of injuries to our D it's even more impressive. People like PARAM and others kept telling me the D would come together, the young guys would develop and the Rams would be competitive. I was obviously not as optimistic but Jones is now a bone-fide star and even though we have to blitz more, we're getting to QBs and are 4-1 since the bye with the only loss in OT to the Ravens.

I can't say how this will end but as McVay said, "this story hasn't been written yet". Raheem is likely gone to either the Raiders, Chargers, or elsewhere as a HC and I would have no problem with bringing back Staley but with such a young Defense needing another huge Draft infusion to reach the top, this may be the most critical DC hire the Rams will make in years. Regardless of how this ends in 2023-2024, Raheem Morris has done an amazing job this year.

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