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 by Dare
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UDFA Blake Larson is someone to watch in TC. He's an OT with the flexibility to play both sides. It's hard to tell from the limited film on the guy, but he looks to have good feet, i.e. decent quickness. He played LT at Augustana but could play either side. Like Alaric Jackson who was also an UDFA he has the measurables for the position. Like Jackson, Larson comes in raw but with a reputation of being very coachable with a good work ethic.

Under Wendell's coaching he could provide the Rams with a starting option at either LT or RT next year. Unlike Jackson, Larson looks more mobile and a better run blocker, perhaps making him a better option at RT should they not extend Havenstein who will be in an option year in 2025. Like Stafford, I think Havenstein must stay healthy and not allow his play to dropoff this year to be extended. Arcuri hasn't developed like they had hoped, so Larson might be his replacement. I think Larson makes the PS with an eye on 2025 or 2026 for him. He could turn out to be a real find like Alaric was.

So from what I've seen of Larson's limited film I like what I see and his physical metrics are good with excellent height, decent arm length and big hands and from what I've seen he looks to have decent quickness. Larson could fit on either side once he's coached up.

 by safer
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Interesting.....quick feet is a must for a tackle. I'll pay more attention to him.

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