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 by WaddyWasWideOpen
3 weeks 6 days ago
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Not sure if this ok to post or has been done before.

But if you're not familiar with Dave Volsky's Back Door Youtube content...you need to.

He recently posted this restored game of LA v Dal in 1978 NFC title game. Now, I know its one of the most frustrating losses in LA history....but I still find it fun to watch. And he has tons of other Rams games and other teams from the 1970s in great quality.

 by Alon2112
1 week 4 days ago
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United States of America   LA Coliseum
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I happened to see it last night, watched it for quite awhile.
* Crazy how much the game has changed from then till now.
* The production of games on TV now is soooo much better !
* I actually enjoyed watching the commercials (takes me back to my childhood.....lol)

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