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 by Stranger
1 year ago
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So, I'm at my brother's house in Houston while he recovers from Cancer surgery, and trying to fix myself a drink. I'm fumbling through his kitch cabinets and then I spot this...

RamsMug - Copy.jpg
Rams Mug (early 70's)

Circa early 70's Rams mug. I don't recall buying this one, but I must have been there as we went to every game together back then.

I think I've lost all of my Rams paraphernalia, so it was a nice surprise to stumble across this old mug.

 by haroldjackson29
1 year ago
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august 2015, packed this and moved to Oregon. I got it at the Glendale Galleria.. I think? with a Falcons red helmet mug..a short time after the Rams moved.
I only refound it this week in a box in the shed/workshop outside. I had looked a few times before re-finding it lol

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