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by  BobCarl   Nov 15 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Clinching the division   Replies: 15   Views: 197

CanuckRightWinger wrote:F-O-U-R-T-E-E-N Y-E-A-R-S !!!!!!!!!!

what is equally as hard to fathom ... the Rams last visit to the Super Bowl was longer ago than it has been for the Raiders

by  BobCarl   Nov 15 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: reynolds or pharoh?   Replies: 10   Views: 121

Dick84 wrote:to replace Kupp

I don't think that Kupp can be replaced by anyone we have on the team. There's just more passes to spread around for the rest of the team.

by  BobCarl   Nov 15 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Robert Woods a steal or potential hold out?   Replies: 8   Views: 117

I would restructure his contract and pay him a lil more. no disrespect to you, I love your posts. And I think Woods has been amazing for the Rams But fuck a restructure, 3 years from now he might be a shell of himself. His peak might be over. Wait until his prove-it-year and if he seems as if he ha...

by  BobCarl   Nov 13 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Raider Haters will enjoy this article ....   Replies: 8   Views: 168

There were a few Rams seasons that I only continued to watch to see what the draft position would be, yep .... I hope Arizona wins this week. Raiders are poised to have FOUR picks in the top 33, it wouldn't take much to trade a 3rd or a 4th and move up from #33 into the mid 1st round. Trade Carr (w...

by  BobCarl   Nov 13 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Raider Haters will enjoy this article ....   Replies: 8   Views: 168 "If you're still watching this Raiders team, the blame falls on you" OAKLAND -- The idea that we should feel sorry for Ra...

by  BobCarl   Nov 12 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Donald's Sacks Have Been Very Meaningful (I ran the numbers!)   Replies: 9   Views: 132

For what its worth ... here is the list of Donald's victims (QBs) and how many times he has sacked them. Russell Wilson 10.5 Matthew Stafford 4 Beathard 4 Carson Palmer 3.5 Kirk Cousins 2.5 Colin Kaepernick 2 Blane Gabbert 2 Aaron Rodgers 2 Josh McCown 2 Cam Newton 2 Drew Brees 2 Jay Cutler 1.5 Peyt...

by  BobCarl   Nov 11 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Marcus Peters has become a huge problem.   Replies: 130   Views: 1411

Skip, Shannon, or ED, thanks for posting, I enjoyed the video. I really love the poise and TV personality of Eric Dickerson, and he is always sharply dressed without being flashy. I can't argue that Peters isn't the right DB for the assignments he is being called on to perform. I am beginning to wo...

by  BobCarl   Nov 09 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Reliving ★ Greatest Show on Turf★ [The Beginning 1999] Rams vs Ravens |Week 1| FULL GAME   Replies: 9   Views: 159

Scott Mitchell playing QB for the Ravens. What could possibly go wrong? #12 (Tony Banks) Mitchell's backup, was ready to take the field, just in case Mitchell got injured. Those shitty seasons with Banks under center for the Rams and then to see a complete turn around with Banks spending his first ...

by  BobCarl   Nov 09 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Screen shots of the infamous play   Replies: 3   Views: 155

the play that never should have counted ...

In the 3rd photo I edited out the Rams deep safety.
In the 4th photo I show what the play would look like if the safety was helping Peters.

I wish the officials would have seen what happened in the 5th photo.

by  BobCarl   Nov 09 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Reliving ★ Greatest Show on Turf★ [The Beginning 1999] Rams vs Ravens |Week 1| FULL GAME   Replies: 9   Views: 159

I remember that game, that was when Tony Banks played quarterback in St. Louis.

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