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by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 14 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Seahawks Shakeup   Replies: 33   Views: 1978

by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 14 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Anyone Watching Hard Knocks?   Replies: 9   Views: 195

I didn't watch Hard Knocks last season and I haven't watched it this season. I've heard a number of people that said the Tampa Bay season was the worst season.

by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 14 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Anyone Watching Hard Knocks?   Replies: 9   Views: 195

by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 14 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Silver: Sean McVay "sideline savior" article   Replies: 26   Views: 1500

https://twitter.com/TMZ/status/1029427456275623938?s=17 Wanna know the best part about Rams training camp being at UC Irvine?? You're lookin' at it. Here's Veronika Khomyn -- the smokin' hot girlfriend of L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay -- finding ways to pass the time while her man figures out ways...

by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 14 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Browns fans: Free beer coming the moment the team wins   Replies: 15   Views: 110

I hope they get their first win in week six against the Chargers. If they win before that, I hope it's week 4 against the Raiders.

by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 14 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Tavon Austin Traded to the Cowboys   Replies: 95   Views: 2724

That was 2 months ago. I assume you kept counting. I would imagine it's in the millions by now. (Or negative millions, since you were counting backwards.) 8-) I wish TA well in Dallas. It will all just depend on how they use him. All that remains to be seen. If you weren't banned when I posted that...

by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 14 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Renovations already started at the Coliseum?   Replies: 164   Views: 9130

by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 13 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Hulk Smash!!!! - The All Purpose Aaron Donald Thread   Replies: 240   Views: 3225

Who's Michael Thompson?

by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 12 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Is This Ramsman34?   Replies: 13   Views: 240

Maybe it's Hekker's truck.

by  RamsFanSince82   Aug 12 2018   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: They Hate Us Coz They Ain’t Us - The Other Teams Thread   Replies: 12   Views: 296


I wanted the Rams to draft Lynch before they traded up to for the #1 pick.

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